About Me

I am a student at the University of South Alabama and I am expecting to graduate in the Fall of 2010. I have chose to major in the elementary education because of my desire to be a teacher and change the life of each child I come in contact with. I believe I will be a great teacher due to the fact that I love children and I long to help and make sure that EVERY student succeeds no matter what it takes. I hope to have high expectations through both my ups and downs throughout my teaching career.

My Teaching Philosophy

I feel the most important aspect of teaching is that each student deserves the chance to succeed. No matter their race, gender, social or economic status, it is their right, as a student, to have the chance to succeed. I also feel that a teacher should be unbiased toward each student in her classroom. It is unfair to the student if you see a flaw in something they cannot help or change. They have nothing to do with the environment in which they live; but as a teacher, I have everything to do with what goes on while they are at school. It then becomes my responsibility to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

I am very committed to teach each student to the best of my ability. If I cannot teach the students, I am failing them not myself. If a student has a question that I do not know the answer to, I am more than happy to help them find it. Letting my students see that I do not know everything shows them that it is okay to ask questions and learn more.

I also believe in being a leader to my students. By showing leadership skills and being a good leader, others will want to follow in that path, which in turn produces more leaders. Leadership is a quality that I believe every student should strive to achieve, and I hope to help each student develop a desire to do so.

I want each and every one of my students to love school and have a love for learning. Through all of my creative lessons and my love of teaching I hope to create this atmosphere for all my students.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Everyone Deserves a Chance

I believe that EVERYONE deserves a chance to succeed in life, and this chance begins at a very young age. As a teacher you must truly believe that every student can and will succeed in your classroom! I hope to inspire each of my students to work to the best of their ability through his or her schooling and life. Before the student can believe in themselves the teacher must believe in the student! If the teacher does not have high expectations for the student then the student most likely not go anywhere in life. No matter where the child comes from he or she still deserves a chance to succeed and it starts with their early schooling. I believe that I can be that teacher who makes the difference in the child's life and shows them that he or she can succeed and that I WILL help them accomplish this!


Being a leader is very important in our world today. I want each of my students to posses great leadership skills. I will do this by setting an example. I will be a leader to my students! In my classroom I will not expect any of my students to do anything that I would not do. I will show them that they can trust me and that I will help them in anyway that I can. Not only will I show them that they can come to me but I also want to help them learn to help each other. I want them to be able to trust each other and be a leader to each other. I will create a sense of community throughout our classroom so that everyone is given the chance to be a leader. There will be areas in which some will be better than others and I will let them know that it is okay. We are not all the same, and we need someone to lead us in every aspect of life. That is why I think it is very important that each and every student is able achieve very good leadership skills

I will Treat each student Equally

Everyone likes to be treated equally! I do, you do, and children do! In my classroom I will treat each student the same. It does not matter who you are, where you come from, or how smart you are. I will have a set of rules and I WILL follow them and I will expect my students to do the same thing. I want my students to know that I care for them and that is why I do this. Each one of my students will know that I treat each of them fairly. If at any point in time a student feels that I am not being fair I will talk to them. If they do not feel comfortable talking to be in person about it then they can write me a letter about it. I will read or listen to them and consider how they are feeling. I want them to know I care and I want to know how they feel and make sure everyone is treated fairly.

Teaching to the best of my ability

As a teacher I have a job to complete. My job is to teach each and every student and to do this to the best of my ability. When I say this I mean that I will make sure that every student is LEARNING what it is that I am teaching. Many times teachers say "I taught it, they just do not get it." I believe that this is the teacher's fault 100%. As a teacher I will go to the extreme to make sure that all my students are learning what I want them to learn. This may be easier said than done, but I will make sure that I get it done. If I can not make this possible then I am not hurting myself but the students, and I will not allow this to happen! I am positive that throughout my teaching career I will be faced with many different challenges. I will have students who need special attention and a lot of work. I will always make sure I learn and make changes to make sure that each student is learning to the best of their ability. Being a teacher is more than a job, each and every one of your students futures will be in your hands.

Communicating with other Teachers

I feel like it is a very important for teachers to communicated with each other to help each other become the best teacher possible. Technology today gives you many different opportunities to communicate with other teachers. I believe through others blogs, through e-mails, and other web pages teachers can really use these things to be a great teacher. During my first hard years of teachers I will be able to be reassured from veteran teachers that I will make it through the year. Teacher websites, that are normally composed by teachers, will help me to find things that I can use in my classroom. I will also use all these resources to help me find great ideas to use in my classroom. The other part of technology that I feel will be great in helping me communicate with other teachers is following their blogs. I think this is a great way to also get more ideas from other teachers but also maybe even our classes could communicate with each other. I think this allows the students to have a chance to learn and grow from each other. I believe that every teacher should use technology to the best of their ability to make their classroom great and always making things better!

Creating a Fun Learning Environment

As a teacher I want to help students love school. Many times young students hate going to school and long for the weekends. I want to be that teacher who changes students out look on school. I want students who are in my class to love coming to class and actually hate the weekends! I believe in order to create the atmosphere a teacher must make school a fun place. When I say a fun place I do not mean a place where students will come and just "play" but yet they will come and learn but have fun while doing it. I feel like it is my responsibility to create fun lessons that have all the students engaged. This to me will have the students excited about learning and long to learn more.